Braces for Adults in Surprise AZ

Braces for Adults in Surprise AZ


Embracing Confidence with Braces for Adults in Surprise, AZ

Braces for adults in Surprise AZ and the surrounding areas are becoming more and more popular as they seek to straighten their teeth and create an air of confidence when they speak to others and when they smile.

Adults are increasingly taking charge of their smiles by opting for orthodontic treatments, including braces. Contrary to popular belief, braces are not just for adolescents; adults are realizing the transformative power of orthodontic care in enhancing both oral health and physical appearance.

At Surprise Orthodontics we not only treat adults but the entire family of all ages. The beauty of this is that parents can set an orthodontic appointment for themselves at the same time they are setting one for their kids. And in this day of having more to do in one day than seems possible, who isn’t looking to condense appointments?

Orthodontic Practices Catering to Adults
At Surprise Orthodontics, we offer an array of orthodontic practices that cater specifically to adults seeking braces. We understand the unique needs and concerns of adult patients, providing specialized treatments tailored to your lifestyle. In addition to traditional braces, we also offer discreet options like clear aligners so that we can provide the right solution for your particular circumstances.

Professional Guidance for Informed Decisions
Embarking on an orthodontic journey as an adult can be both exciting and daunting. Fortunately, our orthodontic professionals at Surprise Orthodontics offer a complimentary and comprehensive consultation for our first-time patients, so that you are well-informed about your treatment options. These consultations cover aspects such as treatment duration, expected outcomes, and financial considerations, empowering adults to make confident decisions about their orthodontic care.

Addressing Health Benefits
Beyond cosmetic enhancements, our adult braces in Surprise AZ address various oral health issues. Crooked or misaligned teeth can contribute to oral health problems, including difficulty in cleaning teeth properly, increased risk of gum disease, and uneven wear on tooth surfaces. Our orthodontic treatments correct these issues, promoting better oral hygiene and reducing the risk of long-term dental problems.

We Accept Most Insurance
Concerns about the cost of orthodontic treatments often deter adults from seeking braces. However, we at Surprise Orthodontics understand the importance of financial accessibility, and that is why we accept most insurance plans.

No Insurance?  No Problem! If you don’t have insurance, we provide several flexible payment plans.

At Surprise Orthodontics, we continue to embrace the diversity of our residents and understand the popularity of adult braces reflects a collective commitment to oral health and self-esteem. With an array of orthodontic options, professional guidance, and community support, together we can confidently embark on a journey for you to have a straighter, healthier smile, and celebrate the beauty of self-improvement at any age.

Please call to set up your free Orthodontic consultation (for first-time Patients.)

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