Dental Crowns for Children in Surprise AZ

Dental Crowns for Children in Surprise AZ

Dental Crowns for Children

When it comes to providing dental crowns for children in Surprise AZ, the dentists and support staff at Surprise Pediatrics and Orthodontic Dentistry delivers outstanding pediatric dental healthcare.

 It’s absolutely essential to bring your child’s damaged teeth back to a state of health. Children are vulnerable to tooth decay, cavities and childhood mishaps that can often end up with damaged teeth. Pediatric dental crowns play a fundamental part in refurbishment.

What Is a Dental Crown?

Basically, a dental crown is a tooth-shaped cap encasing the entire damaged tooth. The crown provides strength and protection, and makes your child feel better about their smile knowing the broken tooth doesn’t show. 

 At Surprise Pediatrics, our dentists always use the finest quality products and will match your child’s existing tooth color.  The new tooth will look natural making for a beautiful smile.

A crown typically consists of:

  • Porcelain
  • Resin
  • Ceramic
  • A composite of all the above materials

Why Does My Child Need a Dental Crown?

Even though your child’s primary teeth are eventually replaced with their permanent teeth, they play a crucial role in tooth development.  The primary teeth enable proper chewing and speech, and guide placement of their permanent teeth.  If a primary tooth is damaged, it can impact the positioning of the permanent teeth.  Dental crowns offer a defense, helping to prevent untimely loss of primary teeth and keeping their dental arch intact.

 In addition to a chipped or damaged tooth, other reasons a child may need a dental crown is a condition called hypoplasia which is common and characterized by a reduction of tooth enamel thickness or poor-quality tooth enamel.

 Also a child may have teeth with wide gaps in between which may leave your child’s teeth weakened and vulnerable.  Dental crowns can provide the necessary reinforcement, protecting these weakened teeth from further damage and possible tooth loss.

Dental Crown Procedure

  Dental crown placement is a simple procedure that starts with numbing and sedation of the affected area/s  created just for children. The procedure also includes:

  1. The dentist takes an impression (molding) of the tooth and surrounding teeth. This impression helps the dentist create a well-fitting crown.
  2. The dentist removes the affected portion of the decayed tooth to make room for the crown.
  3. A temporary crown is placed while the impression is sent to the lab to fabricate a permanent crown.
  4. The dentist removes the temporary and places the permanent crown over the now-partial tooth. The dentist then evaluates the crown’s comfort and fit with the patient. If all looks and feels satisfactory, the dentist permanently glues the crown in place.

Dental Crown Recovery

The numbing agents and sedation our young-patients receive for the crown wear off post-appointment. When it wears off, it may cause irritation and discomfort around the affected tooth. Children’s ibuprofen can help lessen the pain, which should disappear in a few days. 

Dental Crown Aftercare

A dental crown is as durable as any other healthy tooth. However, it can break under the impact of extremely hard, crunchy foods, so steer your child away from such foods. Moreover, a crown is also vulunerable to tooth decay so make sure your child:

  • Brushes with a fluoride-based toothpaste twice a day.
  • Flosses once a day.
  • Avoids sugar.
  • Visits a pediatric dentist every four-six months for regular check-ups.

At some point, your child’s baby tooth containing the crown will either fall out naturally or require extraction. In that case, your child no longer needs the crown. The crown has done its job of making room for the adult tooth, and the tooth can grow comfortably!

What’s Next?

If the occasion arises and you are looking for a pediatric dentist that provides dental crowns for children in Surprise AZ or the surrounding areas, you won’t find better dental care than Surprise Pediatrics. We provide a kid-friendly experience, which will make it easier for you to bring them back the next time for their regular check-ups. Paying attention now to your child’s dental health will make sure their teeth and smile are healthy and attractive moving forward and into adulthood. 

 So if your infant, toddler, preschooler, school-age or teen needs a dental crown or any other pediatric dentistry or orthodontic treatment, please give us a call or schedule your appointment here online. We have excellent reviews and take great care of all our pediatric patients and their parents too! We accept most insurance and provide very flexible financing terms.  We hope to see you soon! 

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