Dental Anesthesia for Kids in Surprise AZ

Dental Anesthesia for Kids in Surprise AZ

Are you wondering if dental anesthia is right for your child? Most kids will probably agree that visiting the dentist is not exactly a fun experience. However, there is a small percentage who experience extreme anxiety to the point where you can’t even get them to go. This can be detrimental to their oral health, especially if they really need a particular procedure performed. For these kids, IV sedation could be the answer.

What is IV Sedation

The goal of sedation dentistry is to help ease anxiety in a patient and make him or her more comfortable during their visit.

IV sedation is also known as conscious sedation – it doesn’t put a patient completely to sleep, but does make them less aware of what is going on around them. It is administered during a procedure or treatment intravenously through a vein and is usually reserved for patients who are particularly anxious about visiting the dentist. It works quickly, is easy to adjust in dosage, and has a long period of amnesia. This means that the patient will not have any memory of what happened during the dental visit.

Preparing for IV Sedation

If you will be receiving IV sedation, there are some things you will need to do to prepare for it. It’s recommended that you do not eat or drink anything at least eight hours before the appointment. Your dentist can provide more specific details in regards to eating and drinking, based on the time of your visit. Additionally, you may have to stop taking some medications before your appointment.

During the Procedure

While IV sedation will not put you completely to sleep – so you may be able to follow basic commands and will be able to breathe on your own – you won’t really be aware of what’s going on. If the procedure requires a local anesthetic, such as for filling a cavity, the anesthetic will be given after the sedation has taken effect.

The anesthesia will likely make you feel groggy or out of it for some time after your appointment, so it’s recommended that you have a friend or family member take you home afterward. It’s also a good idea to avoid scheduling anything important for the rest of the day after your procedure to give yourself time to rest.

If you’ve come to the conclusion that dental anesthesia for kids is right for your child, please contact our Surprise dental office for more information on how we can help your child overcome his or her anxiety about going to the dentist.  If you believe sedation dentistry in Surprise is right for your child, book your appointment today!

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