It’s no surprise that certain foods have different effects on your child’s teeth. Some foods, like those that are high in sugar, can cause serious dental problems if proper hygiene isn’t followed. Other foods are necessary for the healthy dental development of your child’s teeth. Here are a few vitamins and minerals you should incorporate into your child’s diet to ensure they have healthy teeth.

Magnesium is a very important mineral for the healthy development of teeth and bones. Magnesium helps your body absorb calcium, which is why many calcium supplements contain magnesium already. If your child hates taking supplements, try to find a yummy supplement with both calcium and magnesium, to make it easier for them to take everything they need to. They also offer calcium magnesium supplement drinks in powder form, that your child may like.

Vitamin A
One of the very best vitamins for oral health is Vitamin A. Vitamin A promotes the production of saliva and mucus. Saliva is necessary to clean the bacteria out of your mouth and prevents your mouth from getting dry. A few foods that are rich in Vitamin A include eggs, carrots, sweet potatoes, and fish.

Vitamin C
A strong antioxidant that helps heal gums, Vitamin C is necessary for the health of many different areas of your health. It helps your body produce more collagen, which promotes cell repair and speeds up the healing process. This is especially helpful when you bite the inside of your mouth, since Vitamin C helps with the healing of your gums and the tissues inside the mouth.

Vitamin D
Vitamin D is another one of those vitamins that is super important to help your body properly absorb calcium, much like magnesium. It signals the intestines to absorb calcium into the bloodstream. It also makes your bones denser and your teeth stronger, which will prevent damage, fractures, and cracks to the teeth and bones.

Last but absolutely not least, is Calcium. This mineral is practically a miracle for teeth and bones. It is one of the most abundant minerals contained in the human body, and is essential to the proper formation and function of teeth and bones. Calcium is easily found in dairy products, which is a great way to incorporate calcium into your child’s daily diet. One of the best sources of calcium for children, is cheese. A protein called casein is contained in cheese, which is perfect for strengthening teeth.